Simple Ecommerce Platforms

We can develop simple ecommerce platforms to suit your requirements and timeline to enable you to do businesses online. These Ecommerce platforms can be developed to support all available payment methods including integrated Internet Payment Gateway (IPG).

Mobile Presence

For clients who do not have a mobile responsive online presence or Mobile applications. Simple responsive web solutions and mobile solutions can be provided during this crisis.

Online Presence

For clients who do not have an online presence. Platforms can vary between websites to Simple Ecommerce platforms.

Internet Payment Gateway (IPG) Integrations

We provide IPG integrations to your digital platforms.

Third Party Integrations

Services can be provided to integrate your existing applications with required in-house or external third party platforms. Also we can provide web and mobile solutions that integrate with your in-house softwares to be able to provide services to your valuable customers.

Simple Process Automation

We can automate must have processes within your establishment, to facilitate productivity during the lockdown.


Consultancy services from experienced software professionals for all software services needs. If you are confused on how you can continue to progress as a company during this lockdown, we can always guide you on how your business can be digitised.

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