Case studies

Designing and developing web-based applications is our core business and over the past decade our customized solutions have gained popularity amongst a wide range of businesses. Below is a snap shot of some of our recent projects.


Ceylon Traffic is a comprehensive solution for Radio and TV stations to manage their commercial traffic and scheduling. The program has been built to seamlessly integrate with third party applications including Djay Pro and accounting platforms such as Quickbooks and Myob. Amongst its many features includes an in-built reporting engine allowing users to customise data, assign targets and undertake revenue tracking and sales monitoring. Other features include:

  • Mobile application for marketing executives for managing performance

  • Workflow approval processes

  • Time slots and rates for commercials

  • 3rd party integration of finance modules to facilitate payments and radio automation software

  • Performance reporting (transmission, revenue, errors)

ERP system for commission processing

A web-based solution designed to meet specific customer requirements, the system has been developed to integrate with, and complement the organization’s existing payroll system allowing accurate calculation of commissions earned by the insurance agents. Being a hosted solution, it is easily accessible by all agents in the field as well as office-based human resource management.

Complaint management solution

The Public Complaint Management System (PCMS) application has been developed for the public complaint management division (PCID) of the National Police Commission (NPC) as a web-based front interface for accepting general public complaints and processing. Once the complaint is lodged, authorized officials can access the system during various stages of the complaint investigation and perform their role in the process.

Process automation and Electronic Document

Management System to support Meetings of the National Police Commission.

The primary objective of this project is to facilitate NPC commission meetings and related activities via an automated platform. The key areas of activities supported by the platform include:

  • Pre-meeting tasks such as preparation and submission of commission minutes and papers

  • On-meeting tasks including navigation through agenda and commission minutes

  • Searching related information such as connected agenda items of previous commissions

  • Post-meeting follow up actions such as dissemination of commission decisions and monitoring of assigned tasks

  • Maintenance and management of documents related to commission meetings

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