Web Application Development

TekGeeks offers a wide range of expertise in web application development services for diverse industries world-wide, according to client requirements, by analysing their competitors, underlining their vision and mission, understanding their future goals, and developing a solution outline to match those goals. From developing the application to running real-time testing to post-development support and maintenance services, TekGeeks has always been the best choice for our clients. As a renowned web development company in Sri Lanka, we are here to provide solutions for all prospects of web applications for global industries to fulfil your needs. A better software solution will help the growth of your organization, and we are here to develop it.

Enterprise Web Application Development

Let your work get easier with a customized enterprise web application that is developed specially to support the needs of your organization. A well-built custom enterprise web application solution decreases time consumption while increasing efficiency among the staff by permitting them to enjoy their work without any hassle. As a reputed and experienced web development company in Sri Lanka we have ERPs which are already built and can be tuned and customized in order to support your organizational needs. Bring us your requirements, irrespective of what industry or country you operate in, and we will draw up a custom solution for your needs with the best web development services offered by an expert team.

Customized Web Development Services

A website that is tailored to your organization's goals and needs has a positive impact on visitors. A proper website gives you prominence over your competitors. As a leading web development company in Sri Lanka, we at TekGeeks always ensure to understand the needs and wants of our clients in order to build spectacular custom websites to suit their specific needs and provide post development assistance as well. We at TekGeeks ensure to not only provide you with website solutions, but also enhance your website’s user visibility and user-friendly interfaces.

Application Integration

Application integration includes an interactive application’s information and usefulness in another application, which may also be web-based. This contributes to the development of your business or organization. For example, backend integration is another piece of software that works in tandem with the existing front-end application to help your organisation manage content, analyse system performance, and so on. These types of software integrations, in line with your primary applications will help improve your work efficiency and simultaneously allow you to compete with others in your industry. With TekGeeks, you can be sure of world class web development services for any industry located globally, irrespective of what your needs are!

E-Commerce Solutions

E-commerce is one of the most competitive platforms in the world. Well-planned, user-centric e-commerce web application development will boost the performance of your business. While keeping an eye on the performance of e-commerce applications in the industry, we will offer you the right solution based on competitor analysis, whether it is B2B or B2C. As an experienced web development company in Sri Lanka, we understand that the integration of all the necessary functions, such as a well-secured payment gateway, helps to improve the trust of your customers.

Why Choose TekGeeks for Web Development Services?

TekGeeks specializes in developing exceptional web applications for businesses in diverse industries and diverse locations world-wide, making us one of the top web development companies in Sri Lanka. We offer customised solutions depending on your specific needs and requirements, and according to your budget, because we understand how important having a good website is for a business.

Our specialists are well versed in all aspects of web application development, and are up-to-date on the latest technologies and methodologies in the industry, ensuring you great user experience and innovative designs that will give your website greater reach, better conversion rates and so much more.

Here are just a few reasons why you need TekGeeks for your web development services!

  • We are specialists: Our team consists of a specialist panel of designers, developers, engineers and more, who have a wide range of expertise when it comes to web design and development.
  • We are experienced: We have experience working in diverse industries located worldwide, so we know how to create a web development solution that is ideal for your needs.
  • We are transparent: You will always be in the loop regarding your project, so that you know where you stand. In addition our team is always open to communication, so you can convey your ideas to us at any time, and we will make them a reality.
  • We are innovative: We use only the very latest technology and methodologies when providing web development services for our global clients, and we are constantly learning and updating our knowledge base.
  • We are affordable: Different businesses have different budgetary requirements, and we totally understand this. We are a fully Sri Lankan based company that can offer you customised solutions at the lowest cost, with high-end expertise.

Our Process for Web Application Development

At TekGeeks, we follow a tried and tested process when it comes to web application development services for our global clients. Our process includes:

  • Requirement Analysis: We take the time to understand what your specific requirements are.
  • Competitor Analysis & Strategy Planning: We will analyse competitor data, including opportunities and threats, and define the best possible strategy for your web application development.
  • User Persona Mapping: Analysing and creating user personas to clearly define your target audience.
  • Information Architecture: This step helps us to organise, label and structure content to make it more appealing to users.
  • Sketches and Prototyping: We create sketches and prototypes to clearly define user engagement journeys, so that we can compose a proper screen structure.
  • Creating Wireframes: Sketches and prototypes are transferred into wireframes. so that you know what the actual screens will look like.
  • UI Guidelines: Listing out the UI guidelines which will include colours, typeface, icons etc.
  • Development: The actual development work begins.
  • Testing: We test out the site using sample data.

This process is what makes TekGeeks your best option when it comes to choosing a web development company in Sri Lanka!

Our Promise To you!

When you choose TekGeeks for your web development services, we make a solemn promise to deliver a web application solution that:

  • Is highly secure.
  • Will give you better conversion rates.
  • Will create more visibility with a wider reach.
  • Offers the most user friendly experience.
  • Is easy to maintain.

What are you waiting for? Call TekGeeks today for the best web application development solutions that will take your business into the future!


Why is a website important for my business?

We are now living in the digital era where almost everything is done online, whether it is purchasing goods and services, booking hotels, getting medical advice etc. This global transition into the online arena has made websites an important aspect for any business. With the help of an experienced web development company in Sri Lanka, you can create more visibility for your business with a creative and engaging website. Contact us today for exclusive web development services.

How long will it take to develop a website for my business?

The time taken to develop a website will depend greatly on your specific requirements such as the features you need, the number of pages etc. As an experienced web development company working for clients in diverse industries and locations around the world, we can help you get your website up and running within just a few weeks for a basic site or a few months if the site has complex features and requirements.

Can you make my website mobile friendly?

Of course! In this day and age when more and more people are turning to their mobile devices for their day to day work, making your website mobile friendly is a must. As an expert web development company offering web application development in Sri Lanka, Australia, Europe and other locations worldwide, we understand the importance of targeting mobile users with your website, and we will work on giving your customers an engaging mobile experience with your website!


" Through revamping the website with engaging and informative content, we could meet our audience's digital expectations. Setting clear business objectives with Tekgeeks caused for enhancing the brand identity, boosting leads and sales, ensuring website security, and improving user engagement. Website redesign, enhancing security, and aligning the brand identity optimized the user experience. By reinforcing website security, we could build trust, and the efforts in optimizing user engagement paid off with extended interactions and reduced bounce rates. Finally, user engagement skyrocketed, indicating a seamless and engaging user experience - a digital journey they embraced. And the results speak for themselves - a substantial increase in website traffic, our lead generation rate soared, directly contributing to a remarkable growth in sales. Improved user engagement, and we witnessed a substantial increase in website traffic and a significant improvement in brand perception." Through an impactful website revamping campaign, Prime Lands achieved a significant milestone by securing the esteemed Gold Award in the Best Corporate Website category in Sri Lanka. "


Assistant General Manager – Business Development , Prime Lands (Pvt.) Ltd

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