Workflow Automation

Workflow automation is a method that does not need any human interaction. It should be implemented as a trigger to automate the selected tasks to be performed, which reduces the reliance on humans, reduces paperwork, and improves your company's efficiency and accuracy.With workflow automation companies such as TekGeeks, we can assist employees in saving time and effort on routine tasks such as sending emails and following up on leads, allowing them to focus on more important and productive work.

Workflow Assessment Services

We conduct workflow assessments to find out whether there are any downflows in your processes. An automated system is not the best solution until the downflows in the processes are rectified. Following the assessment, we then suggest the changes that are required in the processes for a better flow.

Compliance Management

In the process of upgrading, you carry out many new implementations and upgrades. In such instances, there is a possibility of violating both the standards and regulations of the company and those that are external in nature. As one of the leading workflow automation companies, we run a compliance management test to identify those violations and fix them. This will protect you from any infringement charges.

Document Lifecycle Management

Our expertise as one of the best workflow automation companies in Sri Lanka can help your organisation with document lifecycle management, that reduces the cost, time, and manpower that you spend on managing traditional paperwork. As a result, it increases the efficiency of your workplace and provides more security.

Productivity Enhancement

We identify productivity flaws, recommend improvements to current productivity with smarter technology, and implement or design a strategy focusing on the future. The better the productivity, the better the results!

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